A Michigan Personal Trainer Understands Why You Are Fat

Do you live in Michigan and desire to have a healthier lifestyle? Do you want to lose weight and keep it off? Then you should get in contact with a Michigan personal trainer. Michigan personal trainers have education, experience, and expertise that would probably take you years to master by yourself. A personal trainer in Michigan also knows how to act as a life coach, a mentor, and a great personal motivator if you need any of those roles played in your life.

But how might a Michigan personal trainer benefit you? What can you possibly glean from Michigan personal trainers that you can’t figure out by yourself? Why should you give your money to a personal trainer in Michigan?

Let’s look at just a little of the knowledge that a Michigan personal trainer would possess. Let’s look at how Michigan personal trainers would advise someone on one of the most prominent of all health and fitness goals today: losing weight and keeping it off.

First, let’s realize that we have essentially engineered physical exercise out of our lives here in the 21st century. We have escalators and elevators that are used in place of stairs. We spend hours driving in our cars instead of bicycling. Often times we hop in the car or call a cab to take us just down the street instead of walking there. Even when it comes to walking, we now spend our time walking on sidewalks and paved paths, and while this speeds us up it also removes the need for us to negotiate uneven terrain, something that requires more effort. We use remote controls to change channels, radio stations, and even compact discs. The majority of us have some kind of office job where we are sitting down all day. We have machines doing our menial tasks for us, such as the washer and dryer in the basement.

These conveniences were intended to free up our time and energy–not make us become sedentary, out of shape, and fat. But it’s not just because so many of us are sedentary that makes us such a horribly fat and obese nation today. It’s also because of our diets.

Food is abundant, ready-made, and cheap today. This sounds like a marvelous thing until you look at the bigger picture and catch the devilish details. While it is great to have such abundance of food, and ease of acquiring it, the food we habitually eat as Americans is terrible stuff. As if all the sugar we were consuming weren’t bad enough, now we have high fructose corn syrup fattening us up and putting fat cells around our vital organs. And it’s everywhere. We eat bucket loads of empty carbs and processed, refined foods void of most of their natural nutrients or dietary fiber and filled up with chemical preservatives and artificially engineered (and toxic) trans-fats and partially hydrated oils. People today eat for the wrong reasons, which leads to over-eating (and usually the over-eating of those HFCS-laden, empty calorie foods): they eat for comfort, or out of boredom, or because they are stressed.

The average American household today spends 10% of its total income on food. But back in 1949 it spent 22%. Again, on the surface this sounds wondrous until you realize that the reason for the cheaper prices today is a lower quality of food more than it is greater abundance. So Americans today eat more, but get less nutrition. Eating more, by itself, does not make one fat. Eating more of the wrong things for the wrong reasons does.

What would a personal trainer in Michigan advise? Some things include:

  • Get more calcium. Calcium in cells regulates fat storage; it speeds up the metabolizing of fat, and will reduce fat storage in the stomach area (the most deadly place for fat storage); and it aids in the conservation of muscle. Calcium should be got from foods like almond milk, cheese, unsweetened yogurt, and green leafy vegetables.
  • Eat more protein and fewer carbs, especially empty carbs found in refined foods.
  • Avoid refined sugar.
  • Get on an exercise regimen.

These may be difficult things for you to do. If you’re overweight, you have not had this knowledge. Talk to a Michigan personal trainer to learn much more and to help with keeping yourself motivated

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A Michigan Personal Trainer Understands Why You Are Fat

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