Boosting Your Metabolism with the Help of a Michigan Personal Trainer

How can a Michigan personal trainer help you speed up your metabolism? There are many ways this can be attained and that is a good thing. When you seek to speed up your metabolism from many different angles, you can really get it racing.

That will lead to burning off a great deal of fat from your frame.

Burning fat is the key to any exercise program. It is the supreme key for losing weight. Those with a fast metabolism can stay lean even when they occasional eat a little more than they should. And burning off fat may not even the best benefit to an expedited metabolism. A fast metabolism can lead to boosting the energy levels in the body. Elevated energy can also lead to an elevated mood. That means you will feel more upbeat and positive. Consider that an excellent benefit in addition to shedding off all that excess stored fat.

Metabolism Defined

The word metabolism is bandied about quite a bit in exercise publications. But, what really is the metabolism. It is your body’s ability to burn up calories. This includes the calories you eat and (hopefully) stored fat. These calories are burned to keep you alive…burning calories is needed for your organs to function. Calories are also burned when we move. That is why exercise burned off fat: it seeks to utilize stored calories for energy. Some people have fast metabolism and some have slow metabolisms. Those with slow metabolisms can rest assured that they can speed up their metabolism since there are many diet and exercise strategies can be employed to get this result.

In our modern society, we have access to a lot of food and some of it is just a little too rich in calories for our activity levels. A person that needs 2,200 calories a day to maintain proper size and health that eats 5,000 calories a day is going to gain weight…a lot of it!

That is why such people seek out personal trainers in Michigan. They need to get rid of all that extra weight. The prime way the Michigan personal trainers will seek to reduce the weight is through increasing the metabolism.

The Three Pronged Approach to Speeding Up Your Metabolism

There are three ways in which the metabolism can be sped up: cardio exercise, progressive resistance weight training, and proper diet and nutrition. Combining all three of these methods will lead to amazing weight loss over time.

Cardio Work

Cardio work burns off calories because it entails movement. Whether you are walking at a brisk pace or hitting the treadmill for interval sessions, you will burn off calories due to the energy you are expending. Obviously, the more energy you expend, the more calories you will burn. Most people realize this. What they do not realize is that you will burn calories at an elevated level for an extended number of hours after your workout session has stopped. Why is this? It is because you have elevated your heart rate and now the metabolism is reacting accordingly.

Weight Training

Weight training turns your body into a metabolizing furnace! That is why so many Michigan personal trainers will recommend integrating weight training into your programs. As with cardio work, you can select your own appropriate intensity level for lifting the weights. Some may lift very low amounts of weight, others will lift heavy to boost their strength. Either way, the metabolic impact on the body will be significant. Why is this so? Basically, muscles need calories to maintain their size and shape. They also need calories to perform repair work on the muscle tissue after a workout. Literally, the muscles need calories 24 hours a day so they will really burn up a lot of fat when developed properly.


Diet is everything and personal trainers in Michigan can help you learn the basics of what you need to eat and how to eat. Dieting is never about just eliminating calories. It is about eating at the proper intervals so that the metabolism does not slow down. This process can be even more successful when you eat proper food choices. Of course, watching the amount of food you eat will play a role in keeping your weight under control.

It is never easy to hit this three pronged approach to keeping your metabolism revved up. Working with a personal trainer can boost the potential for you to rev your metabolism and develop a great physique.

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Boosting Your Metabolism with the Help of a Michigan Personal Trainer

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