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Aren’t all workout sessions pretty much the same thing? To get in shape, you need to lift weights, perform cardio work, and watch what you eat, right? Well, on the surface, this would be the proper answer but it is a cursory one. That is to say, it is an accurate assessment from a very generalized perspective. However, generalizations are not what a solid Michigan personal trainer is going to offer. Rather, the trainer will work on specific programs to help you get in shape.

Some of the strategies employed by Michigan personal trainers will revolve around atypical approaches to getting into shape. No, this does not mean they will employ any workout plans that are obtuse or experimental. Professional trainers are not known for just making things up as they go along. Rather, they will stay on top of new EFFECTIVE trends in fitness and health.

That means you might find some truly unique methods for developing lean muscle mass or burning off excess fat. For many decades, the bodybuilding approach was the main one people look towards for getting in shape. Aerobics programs soon followed. Soon after, modified versions of martial arts cardio workouts helped people get in great shape. Now, we have all manner of different approaches to working out. Personal trainers in Michigan may have a background in several different excellent weight training programs.

Here is a brief (very brief) list of the top workouts you can take part in with a qualified trainer:


Kettlebells are not new by a long shot. They have been used to develop strength, muscular endurance, and burn fat for well over a century. Kettlebell workouts originated in Russia and are based on swinging weight as opposed to lifting it. The positives of such an exercise program are so significant professional athletes of all variety are regularly working with kettlebell trainers.

Body Weight Exercises

Body weight exercises have been around a lot longer than kettlebells. People have been working out with body weight exercises for several thousand years! They, of course, originated many centuries prior to the development of free weights. With the advent of free weights, many assumed body weight exercises became passé. Such an assessment is a thoroughly incorrect one. Body weight exercises have enormous value and it would be unwise to ignore the benefits they provide. Yes, a Michigan personal trainer putting you through pushups, sit ups, and abdominal crunch exercises can prove to be wildly helpful.

Isometric Routines

Isometric exercises are sometimes dismissed and this is really unfortunate. Isometric exercises help provide a wide array of enhanced strength that can actually reduce common injuries our body endures due to common, daily activities. Isometric strength refers to both static strength and strength in the complete range of motion. Static strength could be obtained by holding a barbell curl in the half way position for 15 seconds straight. Strength in motions would entail performing a barbell curl in the complete range of motion extremely slowly. Due this exercises sound easy? They probably do not but with a knowledgeable Michigan personal trainer you can learn all the fine points of these exercises to make them most effective for your needs.

Stretching and Holistic Exercises

Stretching is not just about freeing the joints and muscles of tension. Stretching can be employed in conjunction with a variety of workout plans and programs. The purpose of this would be to significantly boost your potential to effective perform the various exercises. Attaining complete freedom in the movement of your body will have a great impact on how successful your workouts are.

Cross Training Strategies

Cross training is another strategy that has been around forever and has once again seen interest in the process spiked in recent years. Cross training workouts mainly entail combining different modes and facets of working out into the same session. The goal here is to either attain a higher intensity workout or to add variety to a single workout session. The variety of available cross training workouts is so infinite you might never run out of options. That is certainly a good thing because you will discover many inroads to improved health as a result.

You will be amazed at the depth of knowledge possessed by top Michigan personal trainers. A good trainer has the potential to cover all different exercises to arrive at a solid new physique. That certainly is the end result you wish to develop. Why exercise and not end up with such an amazing look?

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