Do You Really Need a Personal Trainer?

Before you joined that gym you stopped going to, you had a mission in mind. Whether it was to lose weight, tone your body, get fit or just change your mental attitude from negative to positive. Perhaps what you should have done is taken advantage of the personal trainers that they have on staff. See you don’t have to find a personal trainer outside of the gym, if you are still paying for that membership you may want to investigate the personal trainers on staff.

Generally speaking most gyms will offer members a couple complimentary sessions with a personal trainer when they joined. There are generally a list of trainers that work at the facility and what their qualifications are. Any of the personal trainers on the list can help you achieve your personal fitness goals, but you may be wondering if they are worth the additional money it will cost to use them… or could you gain the needed knowledge on your own?

Fitness Components

There are five components that are a part of fitness:
  • Flexibility
  • Anaerobic endurance
  • Body composition
  • Aerobic endurance
  • Muscular strength

A personal trainer is going to help you with all five components so that you achieve your fitness goals. There are also trainers that will break those components down further and help you work on things such as power, speed and skill.

Most athletes seek the guidance of a personal trainer, to help them stay motivated and help them through that pain barrier that everyone meets when they are avid exercises. Feeling healthy is more than just getting fit it is about having a stress free mind as well. See any type of training that you are going to do is going to help your heart; it will increase its size, strength and improve your longevity.

A personal trainer is going to work on your fitness goals. It’s true that they are going to be toned, have a knowledge of sports science and nutrition (at least they should) but they will have also created a plan that is designed specifically for you. This plan is going to include a meal plan or diet, they will measure your current body fat composition, have you take part in regular training sessions and keep you motivated so that you reach your fitness goals.

A personal trainer is very different from a fitness instructor, so it is important to not confuse the two. Fitness instructors motivate you in a class, personal trainers work one on one with their clients and use motivational techniques specific to the client they are working with. If you ask for an intense workout your personal trainer is going to tailor a routine to deliver what you are asking for. Of course they will first take a look at your current fitness level and bare that in mind when creating the individualized plan.

Do You Need A Personal Trainer?

The quick answer is yes, absolutely. Everyone can benefit from working out with a personal trainer. Especially if you are someone that doesn’t have any idea where to start with an exercise plan, of if you know that sticking with a routine is difficult for you. If you are overweight and the thought of joining a gym scares you then a personal trainer is ideal because they will come to you and work with you.

Personal trainers are experts in the area of the body and nutrition. They know how to combine diet and exercise for the individual to help them meet their personal goals. Personal trainers also know the correct way to do exercises. See when exercises such as sit ups or push ups are done correctly they will tone the abs, shoulders, back, chest, triceps and not cause injury to other areas of the body.

A personal trainer is also going to consider you current health and fitness level, and they are not going to have you engage in routines that are going to be detrimental to your health. If there is any doubt they should be able to refer you to someone in their network of health care professionals that can offer you more guidance on this.

We started off by talking about you belonging to a gym and the personal trainers that are available to you there. It is important to note that you don’t have to belong to a gym to benefit from personal trainers. There are many personal trainers that work on their own and will come to your home or wherever you want to work out.

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