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So, you live in Michigan and you want to get fitter and lose weight. You need to get yourself a Michigan personal trainer. But so what about Michigan personal trainers? What’s the big deal here about some personal trainer in Michigan? Well, a Michigan personal trainer has a lot of ways to benefit you. Quality Michigan personal trainers understand how to motivate you. They understand how to get you eating right. They understand how to pick you up when you’re down and be your coach. They understand how to be your exercise mentor. They also understand how to kick your butt when you’re being lazy and not pushing yourself hard enough.

Some people are afraid of personal trainers. They think that they’re too tough or perhaps too good-looking with their super-fit bodies, thus making “mere mortals” feel bad. But you just have to understand what they want. They are there to get you looking a lot more like they are. They are tough only because they have to be, or you don’t get the results you want. They look that good not because they were born better than you, but because they have worked it, worked it, worked it. What should you understand about how to deal with a personal trainer in Michigan so that you don’t need to feel intimidated?

  • Never complain. You should not complain about the difficulty of the workouts. You should not complain about the taste of the food that you're being commanded to eat—especially since it is actually good tasting food. Your Michigan personal trainer will not be happy...and that means that your personal trainer will find some way of beating you up. And it will be legal.
  • When you are working out, don't talk. If you talk to some Michigan personal trainers during your workouts, they will be furious. It indicates to them that you're not putting enough energy or concentration into the workout. And they're probably right. Shut up and perform.
  • In fact, instead of talking, learn how to make grunting noises during your workouts. You can use these to your advantage in a couple of different ways. First, it demonstrates to your personal trainer that you are really pushing yourself. But, it can also indicate to him that the exercise that he doesn't think is all that hard is quite hard and painful indeed. Your grunting could be a tactful (and subtle) way of getting him to re-evaluate that particular exercise.
  • When your trainer make a joke, laugh at it. Your personal trainer may not have the best sense of humor. You might personally dislike her sense of humor. But if you want to stay under her tutelage without extra suffering, you had better laugh at her jokes. (If you find her truly offensive, just quit and find another fitness trainer.)
  • Pretend that you agree with your Michigan personal trainer's philosophy. Personal trainers tend to believe things that the average person thinks are crazy. For instance, things like “Injury is real and must be treated, but pain is all in the mind and can be mentally overcome.” There's a kernel of truth in this, but take that statement literally and it's...yes, crazy. Still, if your personal trainer believes things like this, just go along with them verbally. You don't have to really believe any of it. Just do what your trainer tells you to do.
  • Don't get into deep discussions about nutrition. Let your trainer tell you what he wants you to eat, and eat it. Ask questions when necessary only to clarify. Don't argue, don't challenge, and don't try to match wits with your trainer on nutrition no matter what you've read. Once you're so fit that you can kiss your trainer goodbye, you can make adjustments to the diet if you so desire.
  • Don't pick favorite or “not preferred” exercises. Make your trainer feel like every exercise is more or less the same to you in terms of quality. Your trainer has put each and every exercise into your regimen for reasons that seem perfectly sound to her. You do not want her irritated.
  • Be divinely indifferent when your personal trainer compares you to another one of his trainees.

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