Finding a Personal Trainer: Does Gender Make a Difference

There is a lot to be said about the qualifications of a good personal trainer, and what you should be looking for when hiring a personal trainer. You may want to stop and consider the gender of the personal trainer in comparison to your own gender. Sure there are definite benefits to having a personal trainer that is the opposite gender of yourself, however to get a truly effective workout you may find that having the same sex personal trainer is the way to go. 

Even the most qualified personal trainer will admit that in many cases it makes more sense to work with a same sex personal trainer. The reason is really very fundamental, as far as your body goes, if you are female another woman is going to better understand what you are going through during a workout then a man. The female body and the male body are different; they respond differently to the same exercise and require different types of workouts to produce the same results. The female body doesn’t produce the same amount of testosterone as the male body, recovery times are different and so on. This doesn’t mean that the bootcamp routine that the almost drill sergeant like gentleman is putting on won’t help you. 

What it does mean is that you have to know yourself and you have to know what you are looking for in a personal trainer. A female personal trainer generally provides a more involved session then one with a male personal trainer. Women tend to connect emotionally with one another, they confide in each other more than they do with a man. How comfortable are you really telling a male personal trainer what bothers you about your body, your health concerns and your goals? You can answer truthfully, if you aren’t all that comfortable then finding a female personal trainer is the better route for you. 

Female personal trainers are going to understand the impact of that time of month” on the body, the way it makes you feel and how it is going to impact your workout routine. They also understand the satisfying feeling of finally fitting into your favorite pair of jeans. There are many emotional benefits for women to having a female personal trainer. 

Think about the last time you went out for a girls night out,” or the last time you went and had your nails done. You felt rejuvenated because you had quality girl time. That is the same feeling that can be created with a female personal trainer. There is something to be said about having a connection between a client and the personal trainer, that is that the results are better. 

It is easier to work out in front of someone that you know has been in the same situation you are in. Say that you are a mom of two, you work full time, then come home and work fulltime being mom and wife and you are still trying to fit in exercise to take care of yourself, lose weight and feel better. A male personal trainer will listen to what you are saying and then ask you how this effects your workout. Where as a female personal trainer that could also be a mother, self employed and have many of the same demands on them that you do is going to understand how it impacts your routine. 

They are going to establish motivational tools that they can use specific to those criteria. They are going to be able to provide you real life guidance on how to tackle the issues that are standing your way of making sure you stick to your routine. Let’s face it, the answer can’t always be hire a babysitter. 

If you are a woman and you are convinced that improving your fitness is going to help you be a stronger person, help you enjoy life more and better manage stress it is time for you to find a personal trainer. A personal trainer that you can relate to, one that is going to keep you motivated so that you can achieve your health goals. 

There are many excellent personal trainers out there, take the time to find the right one for you. 

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