How a Michigan Personal Trainer Can Help You with Depression

Do you live in Michigan and seek to lose weight or become more energized and physically fit? Then you should get involved with a Michigan personal trainer to help you. Michigan personal trainers are trained in how to help you train. A personal trainer in Michigan has opened up shop to help the people of the state of Michigan become healthier and lose weight.

A Michigan personal trainer is someone who knows much more about the benefits and the methods of physical fitness, health, and wellness than you probably do. Michigan personal trainers have many things that they can show and tell you that you likely would not pick up on your own. Furthermore, a personal trainer in Michigan has already “been there, done that”. He’s already put in the time and energy to get the expertise that he can now use to help you lose weight or meet any other health or fitness goal.

One thing that a Michigan personal trainer can help you with, believe it or not, is depression. Now, if you are severely, clinically depressed, it’s true that you probably need psychiatric counseling and perhaps medication. However, if you are mildly depressed, there is a great abundance of research that proves that physical exercise and a healthier diet can cure you without the need for any expensive therapy or drugs. Furthermore, most psychiatrists prescribe their depression patients get on a physical fitness program to enhance any therapy or drugs that they might also need.

For instance, Dr. James A. Blumenthal, who is a professor of medical psychiatry and psychology at Duke University, published research in the Archives of Internal Medicine in 1999 and 2000 in which he proved that for patients with depression regular physical exercise outperformed Zoloft, a widely prescribed depression-treatment drug. Dr. Andrea Dunn, director of behavioral research at Denver’s Cooper Institute, published research in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine in 2005 in which she concluded that getting three hours of physical exercise per week “led to substantial decrease in symptoms” of depression. These are just two of thousands of studies that conclude the same thing: physical fitness wards off depression (as well as the effects of high stress).

How Does Physical Exercise Ward Off Depression?

Dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin levels in the brain all get raised by exercise. These chemicals are neurotransmitters, and they are in fact chemicals which are very similar to the ones contained in antidepressant medications. Furthermore, levels of penylethylamine in the brain rise, too; and this chemical is similar in structure to amphetamines.

What else matters with regards to the link between physical exercise and alleviating depression?

Self confidence. Many people are depressed because they lack self confidence and feel unwanted, unattractive, or incompetent. They may feel that they will never be able to rise out of poverty because they don’t have what it takes to get a better income. But a lot of the time, this lack of self esteem is rooted in feelings of being out of shape and run down. Physical exercise and fitness alleviate these feelings and depression often flees as a result.

Ending distraction. When you’re depressed and idle, it becomes far too easy to focus on the negative. These negative thoughts may seem like rational reflections upon bad circumstances, but in reality they are draining, debilitating, and just a hindrance preventing you from a cure. Physical exercise gets you moving and that keeps your thoughts flowing, and this in turn inspires you to focus more on the positive, which gives you energy and courage to move forward out of depression.

Bringing you interaction. Depression all too easily leads to isolation, and isolation then makes the problems you’re facing seem even worse. When you get involved with a personal trainer you get involved with another person and probably other people whom he is also training. Having others to interact with makes your problems seem smaller and you can more easily get out of your depressive state.

So, as you can see, seeking out Michigan personal trainers may even help you get out of a mildly depressed state. A personal trainer in Michigan will be more than happy to coach you into a mentally and emotionally healthier life as well as a physically better one.

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