Michigan Personal Trainers and Period Training

If you live in Michigan and you’re seeking a better life, a slimmer self, and optimal health, you should hire a Michigan personal trainer. There is much too much that Michigan personal trainers can offer that you would need years of study and practice (and the risking of injury) to get to know by yourself. A personal trainer in Michigan has already put in the time, investment, and effort for you. Now all you need to do when you find your Michigan personal trainer is follow her guidance and instruction. Needless to say, there are no Michigan personal trainers who can do the pushups or run the miles for you. You have got to work hard to achieve your weight loss or any other fitness goals. But, a personal trainer in Michigan gives you a great advantage that those who are trying to workout by themselves just don’t have.

One important thing that a Michigan personal trainer can help you with is optimizing your performance through period training. Now, what is period training and how will it help you achieve your fitness goals? Well, many people working with Michigan personal trainers do a lot of running. Ask a personal trainer in Michigan and he’s likely to tell you that training with running in different periodic ways is the best way to optimize your running performance. With period training, you actually become stronger faster, while at once minimizing the risk of injury, burnout, and diminishing returns.

Period training is typically broken up into training intervals that last from four to eight weeks. This allows the avid runner to also do weight training routines (with free weights) and/or actual strength building routines rather than just running and stretching. Many people who do a lot of running tend to neglect weight training, especially for the upper body. But even runners need their whole body strong and need to strength train their legs.

Many people who are using personal trainers are competitive athletes who want to train for racing events. So, personal trainers will set them up with training schedules that allow them to peak during the prime racing seasons of Autumn and Spring, while doing lighter workouts just for the sake of health and fitness maintenance in the Summer (when it’s excessively hot) and Winter (when it’s excessively cold and there are so many dark hours).

Period One. Typically this would include core strength and flexibility building with workouts that last 30 to 45 minutes five to six days per week. For instance, your trainer may put you on a regimen for this period that consists of three sets of 15 reps each. The exercises would include things like bosu, lunges, rotations, and even skipping rope. Period one would be a Summer and Winter routine, lasting probably eight weeks in Winter and Four in the Summer.

Period Two. Here there would be something like three sessions per week, but these would focus heavily on resistance training. The entire body would be trained, not just the legs, feet, and hips. The personal trainer may have you use the famed “pyramid technique” where you do three sets consisting of ten, eight, and six reps. Two of these weekly sessions would include plyometrics so as to facilitate tremendous gains in strength. Typically a personal trainer would have this period last for four weeks, crossing over from later Spring to early Summer sessions so as to make a transition.

Period Three. This would typically be the maintenance period. You would be approaching a major racing season and so you would not want to over-train and experience burnout. Now you would probably do with your personal trainer just two half hour sets of exercises where you can do eight to 12 reps each.

The above regimen is just one example of the kind of discipline and methodical training regimen that a Michigan personal trainer could get someone into if they wanted to do a lot of running or run races. You can see that there is a lot to putting together a regimen. Michigan personal trainers also know about setting you up on the right diet to complement your physical training. This is what you get for your money.

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