Michigan Personal Trainers Have Important Dietary Knowledge

Why should you hire a Michigan personal trainer if you live in Michigan and seek to become fitter and healthier while losing weight? It’s because quality Michigan personal trainers can give you some knowledge that you don’t have, while also working with you to keep you motivated and on target to meet your personal fitness goals. Hiring a personal trainer in Michigan is a wise investment for you as you seek to lose weight, become stronger and more energized, or whatever it is you want to achieve.

What may be some of the important knowledge that a Michigan personal trainer can provide you with? Michigan personal trainers understand that there is more to fitness than just doing a workout, as important as that is. A good personal trainer in Michigan will understand how to guide you into eating correctly. Diet is every bit as vital to personal health and fitness success as the proper workout regimen is.

Let’s look at some of the dietary knowledge that a Michigan personal trainer could impart to you.

When you consume high levels of protein, as you will for doing personal fitness workouts, you will need to also consume high levels of calcium. Calcium is a major factor in how well your body absorbs the protein you eat. Also, protein causes loss of calcium through urination, which weakens the bones.

Workouts cause excessive loss of iron through sweating and increased blood flow rate. This is especially true for women. Iron deficiencies are very common among female athletes. Iron deficiency causes loss of energy, weakening of the immune system, and less than optimal exercise results. For this reason, iron supplementation ir probably necessary for you if you are doing a fitness regimen.

It is important to getting sufficient iron that you also get sufficient vitamin C along with the iron source. Vitamin C enhances the body’s uptake of iron.

It is crucial that you get a lot of magnesium. Magnesium is one of the most important of all minerals to the functioning of enzymes in the body. Magnesium levels affect brain activity, neuromuscular activity, fat and protein metabolism, and on and on. The dramatically increased rates of heart disease that have emerged in the modern world in the last 60 years can largely be attributed to lack of magnesium.

Zinc in the capacity of a trace element is needed as a cofactor by over 100 enzymes. For instance, it: aids in making parts of DNA and RNA; aids in the creation of heme for hemoglobin; takes part in the metabolism of essential fatty acids; releases vitamin A from where it is stored in the liver; synthesizes protein; metabolizes alcohol and carbohydrates in the liver; gets rid of damage from free radicals; and on and on.

People who are working out usually need potassium supplementation. Low levels of potassium cause cramping in the muscles and heart fluttering. Much potassium is lost from the muscles during exercising, so supplementation is typically needed for replenishment after a workout.

For optimal nourishment, use bagged frozen or fresh vegetables. Canned vegetables are good for you but not optimal because they have sat too long and need to have their preservatives cooked off, which destroys too much of the vitamin and mineral content. Vegetables should be crispy when eaten and not cooked above 107 degrees (F) to retain their vitamin and mineral content. For best results, cook vegetables by steaming, briefly boiling in water, microwaving in a dish with water and covered, or stir-frying on low heat and covered.

You need to get at least 20 minutes of sunlight per day for proper Vitamin D, but many people don’t get that much exposure in the colder months of the year. So, Vitamin D supplementation is often needed by those doing fitness training.

The above is just a sample of the important knowledge that can be imparted to you by Michigan personal trainers. If you live in Michigan and you want to lose weight, feel more energized, or achieve some other health goal, find yourself a personal trainer in Michigan near the area where you live. Through this professional help you will get the best results for your personal health and wellness.

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