Michigan Personal Trainers Know How to Melt Away Your Fat

A Michigan personal trainer is the perfect partner for you if you live in Michigan and you want to lose weight or you have some other health goal to meet. Michigan personal trainers are educated and experienced in matters of weight loss, diet, becoming stronger, cardiovascular health, and on and on. A personal trainer in Michigan is one of your most valuable assets if you live in that state and you want your life to change for the better as you become healthier and lose weight.

Now, what kind of health and fitness knowledge might a Michigan personal trainer have that could benefit you if you became a client of one of the Michigan personal trainers you may be able to find in your area? Well, a quality personal trainer in Michigan would know all about how to get you to increase your metabolic rate and lose weight naturally–without any calorie counting or feeling hungry. Doesn’t that sound great? Let’s look at the kinds of things a Michigan personal trainer may advise you of along those lines.

Aerobic exercising (such as distance running and cycling) should be done for 30 to 60 minutes per day five days per week. Now, some Michigan personal trainers may also advise doing another 15 to 20 minute session in the evening. There may be some argument about this among personal trainers, but the truth is that that extra little session in the evening really keeps the metabolic fires burning for a lot of people, plus it helps them stay energized for the next daytime session.

Aerobic exercising alone is not enough. You also need to do interval training and weight training (free weights or body weight resistance) three times per week. Interval training consists of high-intensity anaerobic exercises (sprints, kettle bell “bricks”, etc) done for very short but all-out periods followed by a couple minutes of rest in between. Weight training makes the body build up more muscle tissue, which burns calories much faster than fat tissue does. Interval training induces the body to burn off carbohydrates and fat stores at a high rate. And by mixing in aerobic, anaerobic, and resistance training in the regimen, you make it so that the body cannot “get used to” just one way of doing things, which soon enough starts giving you diminishing returns (the same routine becomes less and less effective at meeting your goals).

On days when you are doing both resistance training and aerobic training, the weight training should be done first so that during the aerobic training you’ve already burned off your carbohydrates and now you’ll be burning off fat. This goes contrary to what many people believe. It would seem logical to go running first to get warmed up and get the blood flowing for lifting weights, but if your goal is to lose weight then you want to do the opposite–as a personal trainer would tell you.

Try to maintain a physically active lifestyle even beyond your workout regimen. For instance, take the stairs instead of the elevator. If you sit and work at a desk all day, stand up fairly often and take brief little walks (inform your manager that you are thinking about something for work!). Walk or bicycle to and from the store if it’s within a mile and you won’t need to carry too much home.

If possible and feasible for you, do your major workout in the morning. This gets you energized for the day and that in turn decreases your tendency to over-eat or eat empty carbs and tons of sugar.

When you work out, let yourself breathe deeply. Don’t hold your breath or be a shallow breather. Deep breathing enhances metabolism because your body needs sufficient oxygen for optimal metabolic rate.

Now, would you have known all of these things on your own? Probably not–that’s why you need to lose weight. Further more, would it be difficult for you to maintain your personal motivation for these things when you’re first learning them? Probably so. Detailed knowledge and personal motivation are two of the crucial things that Michigan personal trainers can impart to you. Don’t hesitate to get yourself a personal trainer to help you lose weight and change your life.

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Michigan Personal Trainers Know How to Melt Away Your Fat

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