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If you live in Michigan and you want to lose weight, become fitter, or train as an athlete, you should get together with a Michigan personal trainer. Michigan personal trainers know how to motivate, educate, set goals, tell you what goals you should have, and put you on a good diet. A personal trainer in Michigan makes his living by making better people. A good Michigan personal trainer will help you lead a better life by making you fitter and leaner, and so more self-confident, mentally alert, energized, and attractive. Michigan personal trainers bring knowledge and experience to the table that you wouldn’t be likely to find quickly on your own. And this is why an investment into the services of a personal trainer in Michigan is a wise expenditure of your hard-earned money.

Now, one of those things that a personal trainer in Michigan could help you with is advising you on getting sufficient fiber in your diet. You may not understand just how important fiber is, but Americans do suffer tremendously from constipation. Constipation is a problem that doesn’t just feel terribly uncomfortable and perhaps painful. If you’re constipated you’re not sufficiently discharging waste materials from your bowels. This fact in turn leads to higher risk of heart disease, infection, adult onset diabetes, high blood pressure, and yes being overweight.

There are two type of fiber.

Insoluble fiber. This type of fiber does not dissolve in water. It absorbs water and this fact means that it bulks up to make emptying your bowels easier and more efficient. Examples of insoluble fiber sources include fresh crispy vegetables, whole grains, and wheat bran.

Soluble fiber. Soluble fiber interacts with water when placed in it to form a gel. Soluble fiber stabilizes blood glucose levels and cholesterol levels, helping to keep them right where they should be. Examples of soluble fiber sources include legumes and beans. These foods can be eaten within just an hour before a workout so that you have more energy for your workout.

It is quite important as an athlete to get sufficient amounts of insoluble and soluble fiber. You can’t work out effectively if you’re constipated and as already mentioned above constipation is actually a symptom or lead-in to much worse health problems. What you want to do with the aid of your Michigan personal trainer is find the right amount and mixture of the foods that give you the fiber you need. Of course stress levels and activity levels also affect bowel movements. Besides eating fiber, one of the best ways to relieve constipation is to go running (but keep in mind this will be a difficult run for the fact that you are constipated!). Another good way is to drink some black coffee. But it is best all the way around for you to have a fiber-rich diet.

  • Eat fruits with the skins on them, not peeled fruits.
  • Eat potatoes and cucumbers with the skins on them.
  • Stay away from refined grains: white rice, white breads, white pastas. So-called “whole wheat” versions of these foods aren’t much better. You must eat “whole grains”. Only whole grains contain the flour, the bran, and the germ from grains. You need all three for optimal nourishment from grains.
  • Drink plenty of unsweetened fluids, especially water (perhaps with a splash of lemon or lime). This helps the insoluble fiber do its best work for you and helps to flush out your bowels and stimulate your kidneys.
  • Don’t puree, strain, or juice fruits and veggies unless you’ve gotten sufficient fiber elsewhere. Fruit smoothies and V-8 are good for you but they have been stripped of all dietary fiber.
  • Some of the best cereals to eat to get bran are Raisin Bran, Fiber One, Cheerios, generic bran flakes, Grape Nuts, and Frosted Mini-Wheats.
  • Berries and seeds are excellent sources of fiber, as are almonds.
  • Black beans are good sources of fiber and protein at the same time.
  • Believe it or not, a meal of homemade baked beans and hot dogs (without bread) is a very good athlete’s meal. Homemade baked beans because you can assure yourself that they don’t contain HFCS.

This is the sort of knowledge that Michigan personal trainers possess. Look into them today to optimize your fitness efforts.

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