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If you live in Michigan and you’re looking to lose weight and get fit you should be talking to a Michigan personal trainer. Michigan personal trainers specialize in helping people like you who live in their area to lose weight without suffering through some stupid celebrity diet that won’t keep the fat off, or some kind of torturous starve-yourself diet. A personal trainer in Michigan who has years of experience has seen it all when it comes to helping people in the state lose unwanted pounds.

Why should you pay for a Michigan personal trainer, you ask? It’s because Michigan personal trainers have expertise in so many different areas of fitness, health, and weight loss. A personal trainer in Michigan will have credentials such as education, certification, and plenty of personal experience. He is like a mixture of doctor and life coach wrapped up as one person. If you have weight problems or other health issues, you surely don’t want to try to figure out everything by yourself. You clearly lack knowledge or motivation and the Michigan personal trainers you can look into already have done all the learning for you. Now all you have to do is hire a Michigan personal trainer to teach, instruct, and inspire you in order for you to meet your weight loss and other fitness goals.

You see, one thing that any good personal trainer in Michigan is going to know a lot about is nutrition. Diet, a good personal trainer will tell you, is even more important, ultimately, than working out (although both are highly important). What knowledge of diet and nutrition might a certified personal trainer transmit to you?

Drink plenty of cold water. Drinking water helps you stay hydrated for exercising, and that is crucial. The reason that you want the water to be cold is because cold water actually stimulates your metabolism as your body automatically acts to warm it up once it’s in your stomach. Also, water helps curb food cravings by making you feel fuller. If you are overweight there’s a good possibility that you over-eat (and eat mainly the wrong things), so this is very beneficial for you.

Never skip breakfast–and no, a big cup of coffee does not suffice! Breakfast charges your batteries for the day so that you can work and exercise, but more importantly it keeps your metabolic fires going and it prevents the urge to binge at lunch time.

Eat a total of five or six small meals per day. You should eat every three hours, after you’ve finished breakfast, until this goal is met. Aside from breakfast, each one of your small meals should include a source of protein (like fish or lean beef), a source of complex carbohydrates (like fruit), and healthy fats (such as what you get from olive oil). This frequency of eating sends chemical signals throughout your body to keep your metabolism fired up. Again, smaller meals eaten more frequently prevent the urge to over-eat through binging.

Eat foods higher in calories earlier in the day, and lower calorie foods for your last one or two meals later on. Your body burns fewer calories at night when you are relaxing and sleeping.

Know the advised minimum caloric intake for your body weight and eat that or just slightly more for three straight days (Important note: never eat less than 1,200 calories per day or else your metabolism will definitely slow down). Then, every fourth day, eat an extra 400 to 600 calories (yes, splurge!). This prevents your body from leveling off your metabolism through “trickery”, so that your metabolic rate remains fired up.

Drink green tea. It’s a metabolism booster. If you need to sweeten it use honey or Stevia, not sugar.

Stay away from all sugary drinks. These will include most “sports” drinks. Also never touch diet soda. The artificial sweeteners in it are worse for you than sugar.

While you’re in the process of getting down to your target weight, don’t drink any alcohol except on special occasions. Your body metabolizes alcohol before fats, and alcohol dehydrates you so that you can’t exercise as you need to and you don’t feel as full from your water consumption.

Did you think of all those dietary things by yourself? Probably not. This is why you need a personal trainer (among other reasons).

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