The Best Way to Learn Kickboxing – with a Personal Trainer

Kickboxing is a sport that is combination of different methods that are used in boxing and kicking. This is a sport that is learned by many women as a form of protection, but a large number of men also are interested in kickboxing due to the excellent workout it provides. Kickboxing is not something that you can learn from a book or video, you need a personal trainer to teach you how to do kickboxing correctly.

Keep in mind that there are different kickboxing styles that are based on the region they originated from. There are three main styles: American, European and Japanese. Finding a personal trainer that is an expert in kickboxing is important, but making sure that you find a personal trainer that is an expert in the style you want to learn is more important.

If you aren’t sure which style you prefer. Here is a brief explanation of the different types. American kickboxing allows the opponents to hit one another using their feet and fist. Strikes are only allowed above the hip and not below the hip. American style kickboxing also forbid striking the opponent with the elbows, knees and shins.

The European style of kickboxing with three sub categories. The first sub-category consists of using speed and force to defeat the opponent. The is also known as semi contact. The hand and foot techniques are both given equal importance in this sub group. Kicks and punches are allowed but they are strictly controlled. The second sub-category is considered the medium contact version, and in this sub-category allows kicking and punching. The third sub-category is considered full contact and the main point here is to beat down the opponent. All possible feet and hand moves are allowed in this sub-category.

It is important that your personal trainer teaches you the fundamentals to the type of kickboxing you are interested in. Your personal trainer will then advance his teaching with you as your form improves. A quality personal kickboxing trainer is going to start teaching you the proper way to stand and the correct way to kick. A couple of the first kicks that you should be taught include the front kick and the side kick. The front kick is where you will learn how to kick the face of your opponent or the chest using the heel of your foot.   The side kick technique is more complicated, this means you will have to learn and master the basic techniques before your personal trainer teaches this to you. You will also learn how to do semi circular kicks, circle kick, jumping side kick and jumping back kick.

Once you have mastered the correct posture and the right way to move your legs in kicks your personal trainer will show you how to move your arms. From there you will learn how to move the hands for jabs, punching, cross and upper cuts. The jabbing movement involves you moving your arm in a straight motion towards to the head or feet of your opponent. Depending on the style of kickboxing you are having your personal trainer teach you, you may also learn cross counter techniques, overhand techniques, half swings and half hook techniques. There are also a few special hand techniques you may be taught such as the flying punch, the back fist and the straight short punch.

There are many advantages to learning how to kickbox properly aside from being able to defend yourself in a fight. Kickboxing will help improve your posture and your balance. Finding the right personal trainer is important. While anyone can say they are a personal trainer and that they know how to kick box, you should be asking where they learned the sport. If they learned from watching Tae Bo videos you need to find a more qualified personal trainer.

Learning how to kickbox correctly from an experienced personal trainer can help you avoid possible injury as well. There are some sports that simply can’t be learned from watching or reading. They can only be learned under the careful eye of a trained expert. This way you are sure that your form is correct and the you are using proper technique.

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The Best Way to Learn Kickboxing – with a Personal Trainer

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