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Those that make a resolution to exercise do so because they realize they need to get in shape. Of course, there is a huge difference between understanding the importance of getting in shape vs. taking part in a program intended to arrive at such a result. Those in the Midwest with access to a solid Michigan personal trainer can take solace in the fact that such a trainer can put them on the pathway to a completely new physique.

It is important to point out there are different focuses a program can entail in order for a client to arrive at the desired end result. A common misconception that just lifting heavy weights for reps will lead to the perfect physique. Is this an accurate assessment? Honestly, it is little more than a partial assessment. It is not enough to just lift weights. You need to know why you are lifting weights and for what purpose. Such a purpose will be based on your individual goals.

For those looking for a general heading of the type of workouts to perform, here are three common categories: Bodybuilding, strength training, and cardiovascular conditioning.

Here is a closer look at how personal trainers in Michigan can aid in seeing you attain such goals:


Bodybuilding essentially refers to how you look. In particular, it revolves around developing both mass and definition. Mass comes from lifting heavy weights for a moderate amount of repetitions. This overworks the muscles causing them to grow larger. Larger muscles are able to handle larger weight loads. Again, this creates massive size in the muscles.

But, large muscles alone do not make for the perfect physique. Often, it is the lean and defined physique many will seek from Michigan personal trainers. Definition is arrived at by lifting light weights at very high reps. This helps shape the size of the muscle as opposed to making it grow larger. Proper diet and a great deal of cardio work also help with arriving at this outcome. So, you need to be aware that perfecting one’s physique with a bodybuilding routine is a long term process that is well worth it. You will look better and feel better!


Strength training takes many of the exercises from bodybuilding but alters their focus. The goal here is not to craft the perfect physique. Rather, the goal is to make the body stronger, more durable, and more resilient. Daily tasks become a lot easier since the muscles are larger, stronger, and, most importantly, have more endurance.

Is strength training difficult? Well, if you want to be a powerlifter then you have a lot of work cut out for you. If you simply want to become stronger than you currently are, it will not be too, too difficult to get value out of a strength training program. Basically, the way such a program works is that you would lift a very heavy amount of weight for low reps. Your muscles will fail quicker since the weight you are lifting will be significant. However, they will grow stronger quicker to make such tasks easier the next time around. For those that are athletes or simply desire to be stronger, strength training is well worth exploring.

On a side note, you will improve your physical appearance with strength training. Your muscles will grow and this will present an aesthetically pleasing appearance…guaranteed.


As most people would accurately infer, cardiovascular conditioning refers to improved heart and lung health. Building up the strength and health of the lungs will be rooted in solid aerobics training and work. And no, this does not mean you need to workout at high intensity levels to see excellent results. Frequently, even very light workouts have the potential to enhance and improve cardio conditioning in a pronounced manner. Upon proper consultation with an effective Michigan personal trainer, the potential to get in great cardio shape will be realized.


Of course, you also have the potential to mix and match the three categories into your own special routine. Taking such steps will definitely require guidance and that should not prove to be too problematic. There are Michigan personal trainers that understand how to fuse different workouts into a single program. This could prove to be the perfect pathway to improved performance, physique, and conditioning. Certainly, that would be an excellent path to follow!

Getting is shape is never easy but it also never has to be too difficult either. Picking the right program and working with the right trainer may very well allow you to attain the effective results you seek.

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