What Should You Expect from Michigan Personal Trainers?

If you live in Michigan and want to lose weight, you might be looking into Michigan personal trainers. But the question is, what should you look for in a personal trainer in Michigan? What should a Michigan personal trainer be able to give you?

This is actually a very interesting question about Michigan personal trainers. If you want to lose weight and you’re a Michigan citizen seeking out a personal trainer in Michigan, shouldn’t you have certain expectations that your choice in a Michigan personal trainer should live up to?

Let's look into the kinds of traits and qualities that you want in a Michigan personal trainer.
  • Accountability. This is actually on your part, not the trainer's, although if the trainer doesn't show a couple of times for things like in home training instructions you should be very angry and probably stop doing business with him. But accountability means that your trainer should be holding you accountable. That's definitely part of his job description. Most people who seek out personal trainers desire on some level to be held more accountable by some objective source, or else they would already be in the shape they want to be in. If your trainer isn't on your butt when you miss a scheduled session or meeting, you should contact him as soon as you can and ask him why he didn't care!
  • Your trainer should be “the best”. Of course, realistically there's no singular best trainer—at least, not probably. So you'll have several great picks among the various Michigan personal trainers. But once you select one, you should expect her to stay on top of things in her profession. She should definitely seem like “the best”. You should feel as if your every dime that you put out for her is well spent, and that you couldn't do any better.
  • Your trainer should be patient and flexible. You aren't everyone else. Your personal trainer should not treat you like some cookie cutter person. He should be working with you closely to figure out what precisely you need. He should not make you feel like you just took a number to stand in the deli meats line. You may need to lose more weight than one of this other clients, but less weight than yet another. Your body type may not be the same as most of his other clients'. And, of course, you've got your own personality.
  • Your trainer should show kindness and compassion. She's not there to beat you down. You have come to her and you're paying her money for help with improving your life. Your trainer should be singing your praises about that fact every time you're together.
  • Your trainer should be on time. If your trainer doesn't understand that it's always better to be a little early rather than a little late for a meeting, it's time for you to get yourself a different trainer. If there's some traffic jam or emergency that causes a hold-up for your trainer, she should be calling you from her cell phone or explaining first thing when she does show up.
  • Your personal trainer has to have a flair for creativity. What if something just isn't working for you? What if you're obviously bored? Your trainer's job is to keep you “into it” and get you motivated. Your personal trainer should be finding better workout techniques and regimens that more closely mirror who you are and what you need and desire to accomplish.
  • Your personal trainer should be “here and now”. In other words, their personal life problems aren't to be carried over to your sessions. If a trainer has such problems at home that they are affecting your training sessions, it's time for you to find a new trainer. Your fitness trainer is there for you. You are not her counselor. You're the one paying the money for some form of therapy—not the other way around.

There are also things that your Michigan personal trainer should expect of you. These things include that you be prompt; that you be honest with yourself; that you have a firm commitment to the program; that you give yourself healthy emotional support; and that you face down your fears of failure.

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What Should You Expect from Michigan Personal Trainers?

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