Michigan Personal Trainers Understand Why You Need Resistance

Do you live in Michigan and seek a better way of life, one in which you feel better, look younger than your years, have more energy, have more self-confidence, and have greater mental acuity? Then you should talk to a Michigan personal trainer. Michigan personal trainers have been helping people like you for years achieve the very benefits you desire. A personal trainer in Michigan can also help you with today’s number one health concern: melting away unwanted pounds and no longer being a “fattie”.

What could a Michigan personal trainer do for you? What is it that Michigan personal trainers bring to the table that is so valuable that you should spend your money to hire one of them? Well, a personal trainer in Michigan has a vast array of expertise and experience under his hat, and the knowledge and techniques concerning being fitter, less likely to die of heart disease or other major diseases, and losing weight are what he can impart to you in ways that no books or videos that you use by yourself possibly can. A Michigan personal trainer has already spent years mastering what you want to start learning about.

What do Michigan personal trainers know so much about? How about the incredible (and perhaps surprising) health and wellness benefits of strength training, otherwise known as resistance training?

Resistance training does not need to be about, and usually isn’t about, building big bulky muscles. Most people who engage in strength training don’t have any desire to be or to look like competitive body builders. Instead, they want to increase what is called functional strength. They want to be able to do what they do on a regular basis with more strength, power, and endurance. They want to become stronger in a pound-for-pound way.

But what a personal trainer in Michigan can tell you is that it’s not just competitive athletes who can benefit from resistance training. It is everyone. And the extent of the benefits might be surprising to you.

Muscle mass decline usually starts around age 40. By age 50 it really begins accelerating so that by the time you’re 70, even if you were a fit, rather strong man at age 30 you are now slow, decrepit, and vulnerable to attacks as well as to easily falling down and breaking bones or becoming seriously injured. This pitiful, tragic decline in muscular strength used to be considered a terrible but inevitable part of aging. Now, however, plenty of research has revealed that resistance training can not only restore lost muscular strength and endurance, it can do so at any age for a man or a woman. Furthermore, it can prevent most muscle loss from happening in the first place.

Resistance training can do more than just keep your muscles stronger, however. Resistance training has been proven to keep your heart and lungs stronger and healthier, help to prevent the onset of type 2 “adult” diabetes, and keep your reflexes (and therefore your mind) sharper. Very simply, resistance training helps to keep your blood flowing, even if you don’t feel a huge surge in your heart rate when you do it. Resistance training burns away fat and along with a proper diet builds muscle, and muscle mass enables vastly more efficient blood flow than fat tissue does.

The benefits of resistance training for all people are many.

Clinical research proves that people who do resistance training at least three times per week, no matter what their age, have a 25% lower risk of heart attacks, stroke, and related cardiovascular diseases than those of the same age group who don’t do such training.
  • Bone-building.
  • Keeps diabetes away
  • Keeps off unwanted pounds.

No, there is no reason to grow decrepit and weak as you grow older. Do resistance training and you’ll always be decades younger than your years.

Muscles that are under stress must be fed and rebuilt. The body uses fat stores to burn for energy for the rebuilding and feeding processes.. A combination of aerobic and resistance exercising has been clinically proven to prevent “adult onset” diabetes. These activities together burn off the most sugars and keep the metabolism fired up the highest.Bones, like muscles, respond to resistance by growing stronger and denser. Calcium and vitamin D don’t do it by themselves. Bones must feel the impact of resistance to be kept dense and healthy.

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