Personal Trainer Advice on Getting the Best Abs of You Life

If you are looking at getting ripped abs then you should definitely take the advice of a personal trainer to make sure you are doing the right exercises to get firm and toned. You may want to hire a personal trainer that can help ensure you are doing the exercises correctly so that you are getting the maximum results without risking injury.

A personal trainer will explain to you that your lower abdominals are not an individual muscle, but they are part of the of the abdominal rectus which is also known as the abdomen. Most people when looking to lose weight want to focus on the lower abs because this area is the most common trouble spot for most people. Believe it or not even people that are generally considered to be thin want to tone up their abs.

There are two reasons that make reducing the belly bulge in the lower abdominal regions more difficult are:

1. Your body likes to store fat in this region. This makes it very difficult to reduce the bulge.

2. If there is fat covering your abdominal region you need to not only do crunches but do cardio, weight training and eat a proper diet.

A personal trainer will help set you on the right track so that these double whammies are easier to overcome. Once you have a plan in place you are ready to begin working towards flatter more tones abs.

A lower abdominal workout is going to focus on yoru core muscles, remember that your lower abs are simply a continuation of the upper abs, they are not separate. This means that you don’t want to do exercises that focus only on the lower ab muscles. A quality personal trainer will recommend against this, they will explain that you need to work the entire abdomen and work it together so that you do not harm yourself.

Back Problems and Incorrectly Done Ab Exercises

A personal trainer is going to design an ab work out that will be beneficial to you. Your personal trainer will make sure that you are working all the muscles in the abdomen. They will make sure you are doing the exercises correctly. If you don’t you run the risk of hurting you back. You can damage the hip flexor muscles, which are responsible for lifting your knee up.

If you were pretty much sedentary before beginning this workout you need to start your routine off the right way. You don’t want to cause back pain or other posture problems. If the hip flexor muscles are tight they can make your abdomen stick out further. This means that you will look at yourself and think that you have more fat to lose in the area then what you actually have.

A personal trainer is going to show you how to do a lower ab workout correctly so that you keep your core drawn in. Don’t worry, your personal trainer is going to make sure you don’t injure yourself.

What Role Your Body Type Plays in Your Ab Workout

Believe it or not your body type will dictate the workout that is going to effectively help you tone and flatten your abdomen. That’s right, your body type is going to determine the exercises and the number of reps. Do you know the body type you have and the exercises that are going to work best? Probably not, but a personal trainer will. That is one of the benefits of having a personal trainer. They will design an individualized plan just for you. A plan that takes into consideration your body type, your fitness level, your overall health and nutrition needs.

Never Sacrifice Form for Reps

You should never ever ever do more reps if you can’t keep proper form. While you may think that your form isn’t slipping, your personal trainer is going to be paying attention to each and every move making sure you keep proper form. While it is great to push for that extra rep, you have to do it while maintaining proper form. It should always be quality over quantity.

A personal trainer is going to be there to make sure you adhere to this rule. This will help keep you injury free, help you get the flat toned abs you are after and stay motivated to keep going until you reach those fitness goals.

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